It's Always a Joy

It’s always a joy to send out the invitation to our members that we are going to hold our yearly fund-raising lunch. This year didn’t disappoint apart from the fact that FFLAG were holding their conference in Manchester the same weekend which meant that five members of FTL were not present. Their going to Manchester was a great way to share and learn from each other and I for one look forward to hearing all about it.

So, five down but 40 up!!  Yes, it was a smaller gathering but nonetheless a gathering of families to eat, drink and generally have a good time.  Of course the buffet table was well covered and I have to thank members for bringing items to put on the table (particularly desserts!).  This year we were not entertained by just one musician but two.  Stephane, who played and sang for us last year, came back and we welcomed Ben, the young son of one of our supporters, who played the piano. Each was rewarded with a gift. A bottle of bubbly and a bag of sweets. No need to guess who got what!  The raffle this year was well provided for with a weekend/weekday visit to Hatta’s home in Cirencester being the first prize chosen off the raffle. Also wine, a cashmere item, leather handbag and other things on offer. We made over £500.

It is an exceptionally expensive year for us as we are just about to launch our new website. Our present one is now more than 10 years old and in great need of an update. The funds we raised at the lunch will help go towards the cost of this. Our website is the most important tool in our tool-box. This is usually the first port of call for parents seeking help when they find out that their child is LGBT. After they find this information they can then reach out to one of our members who man the helpline and then, as they say, upwards and onwards.

Thank you all for making our event so worthwhile.

Warmest wishes from Jackie B and all the Steering Committee.

Ruby Lee