An Audience with Tom Robinson

On Saturday, 14th April, we were delighted to welcome the singer, songwriter and radio presenter to FTL’s Battersea meeting. Some people, of a certain age!, will remember the songs Glad to Be Gay, War Baby and 2-4-6-8 Motorway. He now presents on Radio 6, Saturday evenings, a music programme.

His life has had many ups and downs and when he realised he was gay he felt trapped and this caused him misery and a breakdown at an early age. Fortunately he was saved by a therapeutic community where he lived for six years and after that he followed his dream of singing, composing and performing both here and abroad.

He related his story in the most moving of ways and the emotion he emitted was tangible that I felt slighty teary once or twice.

He brought his guitar and interspersed his story with a selection of his songs.

I do recommend you go to Wikipedia and read up about Tom Robinson and maybe listen to some of his songs.

Ruby Lee