FFLAG’s Conference - our "Reaching for the Rainbow"

My new best friend who I met at FTL last year encouraged me to attend the conference. Being of black Caribbean heritage we’ve forged a great friendship thus providing support to one another. For me as reluctant as I was at the thought of attending the conference I am happy I attended as I learnt a lot and had a grand time - really enjoyed it all. I met loads of lovely, friendly people, enjoyed the workshops and listening to the speakers sharing their stories - talking about their experiences.

The sexual health session was particularly of great interest, it gave me an insight about the medication available to prevent people from contracting HIV as well as the person with HIV passing it on. It is so important that our children and adults alike ensure to take precaution to protect themselves from any type of STDs. I didn’t realise how much progress has been made on treatment and medication for HIV and Aids - this is great news.

I particularly felt sad about ‘Naz’s story’ told by his loving partner, Matt who walked 150 miles ‘Naz had taken his life about 3 years ago after coming out to his family. I admire the strength and courage of Matt speaking out about the devastation religion can cause to those who are LGBT. Naz will forever be in his heart and Naz looking down from heaven lovingly and proud, knowing through his partner’s work will prevent someone thinking about taking his/ her life. This session was about Faith and LGBT issues.

Written by VW

18 November 2018

Rob Briggs