A Father's Story


There wasn't a Damascus moment. It was more like osmosis - a drip feed of information about our daughter's lifestyle that led us to the conclusion that she was gay. She hadn't come out to us when we contacted FFLAG. When she did finally come out to us at 17, I didn't overreact but just told her how much I loved her. The Families Together London meetings had helped prepare me for this moment! I didn't show any other emotion but inside felt a deep sense of bereavement. A loss of my daughter who was still alive, who at the time showed little respect for us and was breaking my heart with each and every action she took. Through Families Together London meetings I have unburdened myself of all the grief. I understand far more and have learnt to accept that I have a different daughter to the one I once thought I had. Families Together London has liberated me and helped to mend my broken heart. Oh! And I have a much better relationship with her too now!

Ruby Lee