Families Together London march at Pride

Can it really be a whole year since we took to the streets, celebrating the LGBT community.  This year we at FTL had the largest group since we started walking with Pride in London.  As you can see from the photograph, we are proud to be so diverse in our make-up.   This is what FTL strives to achieve - being there for anybody who needs a little bit of help when their child comes out as LGBT.

Fortunately we were in Section D, which meant we started quite early on in the proceedings.  We wore our T-shirts, sashes and smiles with pride and to celebrate the 50 years since the Stonewall Riots, we blew up not just our green balloons but also golden ones.  Any we had over we handed to the children in the crowd, but they had to blow up their own balloons!  We needed our puff for the walk and whistles which some of us had.

There were nearly 600 groups walking along the route and one a half million onlookers.  The cheers which greeted us each time one of the commentators along the road mentioned our name and said out loud what our strapline is, lifted our hearts.

I was particularly proud of some of the relatively new members who have come to our meetings for having the courage to walk alongside us.  Bravo to them and I hope that next year this will galvanise others to do the same.

Jackie Briggs

Rob Briggs