Support for parents of trans children

At FTL we are very fortunate to have speakers come along, giving their time for free, for which we are most grateful.  At our last Battersea meeting, we had a speaker to discuss how the NHS is supporting adult trans men/women.  Over the last six months or so, we have seen that more and more parents are finding out that their children are seeking support in this area.  The parents who come along love their children and are prepared to find out as much as possible to support their children.  Our speaker spoke movingly of the massive hurdles that these young adults have to overcome.  Sadly there is a waiting list of over a year for a first appointment and it can take up to five years for a full transition to take place, if this is what the patient wants.  Usually our speakers come for the first hour and a half of the meeting but in this instance the talk overran until the end of our meeting when we close, because there was so much more that our parents wanted to know.  We have a list of books to assist and if anybody wishes to have the list, please email and mark it for Jackie’s attention.

The picture which accompanies this article are the hands of some of the parents who attended this meeting.  I think it demonstrates very clearly that we at FTL embrace a wide diversity of people.

Rob Briggs