‘Living It Out: A survival guide for lesbian, gay and bisexual Christians, and their friends, families and churches’. Rachel and Sarah Hagger-Holt (2009)
This is a very practical and wide-ranging book and an excellent source of further reading. See also the website:www.livingitout.com.

: A Resource offering support for LGBTQI people with substance abuse.

https://www.transunite.co.uk/-Support Group for Trans & Non-Binary people in the UK. Support is On-Line and in Geographical Areas.

“Gender Games” by Juno Dawson


‘Prayers for Bobby’. Leroy Aarons (1995)
Harrowing and true story of a fundamentalist Christian mother in the US who did not accept her son’s sexuality until after he committed suicide. Has been made into a TV documentary in the US.

‘Love Thy Neighbour: What people really think about homosexuality’ (2008) - www.stonewall.org.uk

See also our section on: Black and Ethnic Minorities

From Wild goose Publications, The Iona Community: ‘Coming In’ by Urs Mattmann; ‘Sexuality – Bible studies’ by Graeme Brown and ‘Dreaming of Eden’ by Kathy Galloway.

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Straight Spouse Support- contact:susan.woolnough@btinternet.com

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