Early years

Some parents report that their son or daughter had problems at school. Eliza and Tom say that their son was: ‘…unhappy and bullied at secondary school up to the 6th Form because he was clever and middle class’. Rosie’s younger son found it hard to make friends in the first year of secondary school. Rosie’s elder son was: ‘…a shy boy who found it hard to make friends after we moved house. He was bullied for being gay from the age of 11. Then, as a teenager, he became increasingly anxious and was seriously underweight, perhaps because of the bullying, I don’t know. He was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at the age of 19 and still takes medication.’

Green Pepper and Silver Fox describe their son as: ‘Very quiet, often preferring adult company, even as a toddler. When he did play and make friends they were often ‘loner’ children, often from a different home background’. He showed a lack of self-confidence and some communication difficulties. As he grew up, he showed no great interest in girls, and had no pictures of pop stars, etc. on the walls of his bedroom.

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