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Jackie interviewed on Woman’s Hour -Listen to Podcast of Interview

FTL was contacted by the BBC's Woman's Hour to preĀ¬record an interview about the relationship between mothers and daughters. I was a little daunted by being interviewed by Jenni Murray but having been 'grilled' prior to the actual recording by a terrific researcher and then the programme's producer, Jennie made the interview itself a very enjoyable experience. I must say the BBC really do make you feel welcome. I was ushered into the Green Room before going into a studio at Broadcasting House. Things have certainly changed since I was there in my teens when I worked for the likes of Tony Blackburn, Johnnie Walker and all the other DJ's of the 60's. Alongside me was Nimco Ali who had undergone FGM at the age of 7 when she lived in Somalia. She spoke first about her experiences and I do urge you to listen to her story. How brave she is to have spoken out. She doesn't want other young women to have to suffer such a horror. I am very proud of my daughter for allowing me to speak on national radio about our relationship.

Jackie Briggs

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